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Lambda Crypto is the premier American ASICs and GPU hosting provider.


Cutting-Edge Hosting

Our datacenters are optimized to maximize the output of your crypto mining equipment in every way. From redundant network fabric to a reactive HVAC system, our proven design treats your equipment precisely the way we intended, as your investment.  From a single GPU rig to tens of thousands of ASICs, we have the power and capacity to help you scale and maximize ROI.

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Where Expertise Meets Efficiency

24×7 Monitoring

Individually barcoded equipment monitored day and night in our on-site command center.

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Proactive Monitoring

Array of Sensors and software proactively monitors your equipment for common issues.

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Firmware Upgrades

Newest firmware lab tested for performance before it is deployed.

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Equipment Tuning

Expertly tuned equipment to maximize your hash rate.

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Onsite Technicians

Technicians that monitor every aspect of the miner and the datacenter to maximize uptime.

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Simple Pricing

All-inclusive pricing with absolutely no hidden fees.

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Crypto mining experts to help you mine expertly

Nearly a decade of real mining experience ready to help you maximize your return.

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Current Power

6 megawatts of power across two facilities live and ready.


Maximum Power across facilties

Up to 30 megawatts of power total available in less than 30 days.

Equipment Procurement

From domestic to global, we can source and move equipment from all corners of the globe in the most reliable and cost-effective manner possible to meet your budget and timeline objectives.

  • Leverage our global partners to source equipment worldwide.

  • Budget based procurement.  We find the right equipment to meet your budget and maximize your return.

Shipping and Logistics

Experienced shipping and logistic experts to safely move your equipment from anywhere to our state of the art data centers.

  • Our bonded and insured shipping partners move your equipment in the most cost effective way possible.

  • Experienced packaging and palletizing to secure your equipment while moving and ample storage in our datacenters if you aren’t ready to mine.

Equipment Repair

Efficient troubleshooting by experienced on-site technicians to minimize downtime.  Your equipment is not making you money if it isn’t running.

  • Industry leading troubleshooting methodology performed by experienced technicians.

  • Onsite state-of-the-art repair lab with most hot-swap parts readily available.

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